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Salvador Apartments offers great accomodations in Salvador Bahia. In Salvador Apartments you'll find comfort, fine decorated apartments, great services and guidance around Salvador.

Salvador Apartments help you to discover Bahia, and its secrets. Salvador is a magical city. We provide apartments in Salvador Barra, apartments in Salvador Ondina, apartments in Salvador Vitoria and apartments in Salvador Graça, best neighborhoods in Salvador.

Apartments in Salvador doesn't have an international standard, so up-standard and luxury apartments might seems expensive when comparing to the average Salvador apartments. This is particularly true during Salvador Carnival, the world's biggest Carnival.

During Salvador Carnival, apartments become very expensive because Salvador Carnival is a two million people popular party and the number increase every year. Of course Salvador is a city with a big number of apartments but everybody want to be near the Salvador Carnival parades.

Salvador Apartments Salvador Apartments Salvador Apartments

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The trios form the nucleus of the blocos (with the exception of the blocos afros). You pay to join a bloco and is given an abadá (a uniform consisting of a t-shirt), which allows one to parade with the bloco inside a protected area, a rope carried by security personnel what gives you more space to dance and safety in case you want to bring your camera. It is also comfortable because the trios have bathrooms and sell beers, and some give them for free. The people who aren't in blocos, and who are hence outside of the roped-off areas around the trios, are called pipoca (popcorn).